Glass Magazine
Riccardo Vimercati
The breathtakingly beautiful supermodel Toni Garrn is among the five goddesses exclusively featured in Glass Magazine’s 7th Anniversary issue »The Goddess Issue«. Shot by Riccardo Vimercati.

Styling: Sara Francia, Makeup: Yacine Diallo, Hair: Nicolas Eldin

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Boycott Magazine
Bryan Huynh
Bryan Huynh captures a series of magical images for Boycott Magazine’s issue No.5. Starring Miles McMillan, Allyson Chalmers, Rockwell, Dean Zruya, and Peter Brant Jr. Beautifully styled by Paul Sinclaire.

Makeup: Morgane Martini, Hair: Joey George

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Tidal Magazine
Caroline Mackintosh
Katya Abedian stars in »Flora«. A new story shot by Caroline Mackintosh for the seventh issue of Tidal Magazine.

Styling: Kristi Vlok

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Hearts Magazine
Scott Trindle
Scott Trindle has captured a beautiful editorial for the second issue of Hearts Magazine, featuring the gorgeous-looking fashion model Molly.

Styling: Tony Irvine, Makeup: Niamh Quinn, Hair: James Rowe

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V Magazine
Mel Bles
Dutch supermodel Lara Stone carries a mysterious beauty through Mel Bles’ fashion story »Back To The Future«. Shot for V Magazine’s May issue.

Styling: Tom Guinness

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Markus Pritzi
Markus Pritzi shoots »Darling Days« for the June issue of Vogue Netherlands. Featuring German stunner Adrienne Jüliger.

Styling: Jos van Heel

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Boycott Magazine
Kiki Xue
Kiki Xue shoots the cover story of Boycott Magazine’s issue No.5. Featuring Garance Rochoux-Moreau, Louise Baillieu, Sami Younis, Simon Muchard, and Zacharie Villot.

Styling: Simon Pylyser, Makeup: Fei Wang, Hair: Rimi Ura

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