Re-Edition #1
Harley Weir
Harley Weir is one of the amazing contributors for Re-Edition magazine’s debut issue. Posed by Dry, Alina and Yan, Weir captures a series of images filled with beauty and vulnerability.

Styling: Lotta Volkova Adam

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Vogue Turkey
Serge Leblon
Serge Leblon beautifully captures French supermodel Manon Leloup for the March issue of Vogue Turkey.

Styling: Miranda Almond, Makeup: Mickael Noiselet, Hair: Raphael Salley

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Vogue Latin America
Tony Kim
Tony Kim photographs Kate B. for an editorial on the fashion house in Vogue Latin America’s March 2015 issue.

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Tomas Falmer
Arthur Gosse and Aaron Gatward captured amazingly by Tomas Falmer for Esquire’s April issue. 

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Museum Magazine Renaissance Issue
Daniel Gurton
Stephanie Joy Field shot by Daniel Gurton; an editorial for the latest Museum Magazine’s Renaissance issue.

Styling: Mikey Ayoubi, Makeup: Claire Thomson, Hair: Janelle Chaplin

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Vogue Spain
Tatsu Yamanaka
Starring Nadja Bender, David Bellemere shoots an editorial touched by Eastern spirit. Makeup by Tatsu Yamanaka. 

Styling: Marina Gallo, Hair: Maxime Mace

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Vogue Italia Close-Up
Luciana Val & Franco Musso
Great cover story by Luciana Val & Franco Musso for Vogue Italia’s Close-Up issue. Starring Esther Heesch, Charlene Hogger and Frances Coombe.  

Styling: Enrica Ponzellini, Makeup: Chathyanne MacAlister, Hair: Cyril Laloue

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