WSJ Magazine
Lena C. Emery
A beautiful editorial shot by Lena C. Emery for Wall Street Journal’s September issue. Featuring the graces of Elisabeth Faber, Larissa Marchiori, Poppy Okotcha, and Hayett McCarthy.

Styling: Charlotte Collet, Makeup: Janeen Witherspoon, Hair: Christian Eberhard

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Dansk Magazine
Thomas Cooksey
The brand new DANSK Magazine’s four different cover stories include powerful work by photographer Thomas Cooksey. Starring Argentinean stunner Sabrina Ioffreda.

Styling: Marie-Louise Von Haselberg, Makeup: Jo Frost, Hair: Soichi Inagaki

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Dansk Magazine
Marcus Ohlsson
Capturing stunning images of French beauty Marie Piovesan, Marcus Ohlsson is one of four photographers to contribute to an amazing cover story for the Fall/Winter issue of DANSK magazine.

Makeup: Anne Staunsager, Hair: Mette Thorsgaard

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Dansk Magazine
Jimmy Backius
Jimmy Backius’ magical cover story for the Fall/Winter issue of DANSK features doll-like Liza Ostanina posing in mesmerizing settings.

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Glamour UK
Andreas Öhlund and Maria Therese
Anni Jürgenson beautifully shot by Andreas Öhlund and Maria Therese for this month’s Glamour UK issue.

Styling: Natalie Hartley, Makeup: Veronica Lindqvist, Hair: Nao Kawakami

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DANSK Magazine
Léa Nielsen
Dadaism goes fashion… inspired by the art movement of the early 20th century, photographer Léa Nielsen creates a remarkable editorial for the current DANSK issue. Starring Rita Saunders.

Styling: Darryl Rodrigues, Makeup: Anthony Preel, Hair: Javier Palacio

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Numéro Homme
Bela Borsodi
A visual creation of nudity powerfully captured by Bela Borsodi for Numéro Homme Germany.

Styling: Haidee Findlay-Levin

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