ZOO Magazine
Bryan Adams
Starring Australian supermodel Catherine McNeil, the 48th issue of Zoo Magazine features a brilliant cover story by Bryan Adams. The magazine’s pages are graced by a pictorial vision of a 19th century meets rock 'n’ roll dynamic.

Styling: Joanne Blades, Makeup: Fredrik Stambro

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Jacob Sutton
This month’s issue of Numéro Paris features the editorial »Le Rouge et le Noir«, starring Crista Cober. A simply beautiful series of images captured by Jacob Sutton and styled by Samuel Francois.

Makeup: Lotten Holmqvist, Hair: Cyndia Harvey

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Billy Kidd
Polish top model Aneta Pajak is stunning in Billy Kidd’s mesmerizing black-and-white editorial »Jeux Optiques« shot for the October issue of Numéro.

Styling: Rebecca Bleynie, Makeup: Hugo Villard, Hair: Seb Bascle

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Tush Magazine
Txema Yeste
Txema Yeste wonderfully captures Sarah Brannon’s incredible blue eyes for the cover story of the brand new Tush Magazine’s »Portrait« issue. Featuring beautiful work by makeup artist Tyron Machhausen.

Styling: Bernat Buscato, Hair: Pasquale Ferrante

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Antidote Magazine
Cuneyt Akeroglu
Arthur Gosse shot by Cuneyt Akeroglu and styled by Yann Weber.

»The Celebration issue« of Antidote Magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary. The magazine’s tenth publication is a masterpiece for having nine cover stories shot by nine of today’s most well-known fashion photographers including Txema Yeste, Daniel Sannwald, Cuneyt Akeroglu, Giampaolo Sgura, and Jan Welters.

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ICON Magazine
Van Mossevelde+N
Strong images are captured by photographer duo Van Mossevelde+N for the 22nd issue of ICON. Starring the very handsome Matthew Bell.

Styling: Andrea Tenerani

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Flair Italia
Kiki Xue
This powerful series of portraits captures the expressive beauty of Madison Stubbington taking us back to the age of the 19th century. A magical editorial shot by photographer Kiki Xue for the current Flair issue.

Styling: Sissy Vian, Makeup: Marie Duhard, Hair: Yannick D’ls

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