Icon El Pais / Daniel Radcliffe
Michael Schwartz
Shot by Michael Schwartz, British actor Daniel Radcliffe gives quite a performance for this Fall’s ICON El Pais cover story.

Styling: Angela Esteban Librero, Hair: Tanya Pacht

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Office Magazine
Simon Rasmussen
Office Magazine’s third issue features a wonderful editorial styled by the magazine’s editor-in-chief Simon Rasmussen himself. Starring Susannah Liguori and shot by Alex John Beck. 

Makeup: Zenia Jaeger, Hair: Romina Manenti

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Another Man Magazine
Julia Hetta
Photographer Julia Hetta has beautifully created visual poetry and a magical world of its own in the brilliant cover story »Journal of Researches« for Another Man Magazine’s Fall/Winter issue.

Styling: Alister Mackie, Makeup: Laura Dominique, Hair: Luke Hersheson

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Icon Colecciones
Gorka Postigo
Amazing images rich in contrast and colors captured by Gorka Postigo for the Fall/Winter collection of Colecciones. Starring Fernando Cabral, Harvey James, and Hugo Goldhoorn.

Styling: Nono Vázquez, Hair: Jose Carlos González

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Citizen K
Emilio Tini
Emma Oak shot by Emilio Tini for the editorial »Mad Mix« featured now in Citizen K’s Fall issue.  

Styling: Romain Liegaux, Makeup: Anna Maria Negri, Hair: Andrew Guida

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Self Service Magazine
Harley Weir
»Obsessions« by Harley Weir is an incredible editorial shot for the forty-third issue of Self Service Magazine. Starring Stella Lucia, Grace Simmons, Erika Linder, Aneta Pajak, Fernanda Ly, Sophia Ahrens, Damaris Goddrie, Grace Simmons, Amanda Smith, Aya Jones, Amalie Schmidt, Line Brems, Annika Krijt, Greta Varlese, Madison Stubbington, Roos Abels, Misha Hart, Jing Wen, and Mia Gruenwald.

Styling: Poppy Kain

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The Wolfpack Show
Dan Martensen
After the huge success of »The Wolfpack«, a documentary directed by Crystal Moselle, Deitch’s 76 Grand Street Gallery, NY, is now showcasing The Wolfpack Show. Featuring artwork from the Angulo brothers’ personal archive and Dan Martensen’s amazing images taken during the filming of the documentary. The show will be on view until November 1st.

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