Vogue Italia
Vincent Peters
Vincent Peters shoots British actress Emma Watson in beautiful, ancient settings for the Vogue Italia November issue. 

Styling: Valentina Serra

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Financial Times
Dima Hohlov
Dima Hohlov captures pure elegance in this month’s Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine. Beautifully posed by Lucy Evans and Tobias Lundh. 

Styling: Millicent Simon, Makeup: Naoko Scintu

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WWD Magazine
Billy Kidd
Billy Kidd captures the upcoming trends of Spring 2016 in magical images for WWD magazine. Featuring the enchanting beauty Rose Smith.

Styling: Alex Badia, Makeup: Souhi, Hair: Ashley Javier

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Harper’s Bazaar Germany
Marcus Ohlsson
Marcus Ohlsson exquisitely captures the ravishing beauty of British top model Sam Rollinson for the December/January issue of Harper’s Bazaar Germany.

Styling: Kerstin Schneider, Makeup: Fredrik Stambro, Hair: Edward Lampley

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Costume Magazine
Sascha Oda
Stunning brunette Hanna Sorheim graces the upcoming cover of Costume magazine’s No.164 issue. Beautifully shot by Sascha Oda.

Styling: Maiken Winther, Makeup: Anne Staunsauger, Hair: Mette Thorsgaard

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L’Uomo Vogue
Francesco Carrozzini
The incredibly talented actor and new Bond villain Christoph Waltz poses for the current issue of L’Uomo Vogue. Shot by Francesco Carrozzini in a series of black-and-white images. 

Styling: Ayako Yoshida

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Harper’s Bazaar China
Alistair Taylor-Young
Set by the ocean, photographer Alistair Taylor-Young shoots a beautifully composed Dior fashion story for the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar China.

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Throughout the history of photography, a photograph has always been considered a relic of time, proof of reality and defined as a tool able to capture and freeze a moment – turning it into a printed memory. However, in an age of constant and high-speed technological development, some definitions seem to become shaky so that new ones might be required.

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