Kristian Schuller
German stunner Lina Hoss poses expressively for the editorial »Punk Opera«. Shot by Kristian Schuller for the December issue of Vogue Ukraine.

Styling: Peggy Schuller, Makeup: Thorsten Weiss, Hair: Felix Fischer 

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Blommers & Schumm
Numéro Berlin’s first issue features a stunning series of portraits taken by photographer duo Blommers & Schumm, inspired by the work of film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Starring Hannah Bennet, Willy Morsch, and Lotte Van Noort.

Styling: Sheila Single, Makeup: Suzanne Verberk, Hair: Christian Eberhard

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L’Officiel Hommes
Markus Pritzi
Markus Pritzi has captured a beautiful story for the latest issue of L’Officiel Hommes. Creating images beyond the surface, filled with a certain vulnerability and an inevitable expression of desire.

Styling: Gary David Moore

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Txema Yeste
Photographer Txema Yeste and makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi team up for the wonderful beauty story »Waiting for the Cold Wave«. Featuring Alisa Ahmann.

Styling: Patrick Mackie, Hair: Franco Gobbi

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Fucking Young
Michiel Meewis
British model Lewis Helim stars in the wonderful fashion story »Not Young Enough To Know Everything«. Shot by Michiel Meewis for the latest issue of Fucking Young Magazine.

Styling: Kay Korsh, Makeup: Tim Rance

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Dust Magazine
Leon Mark
Leon Mark beautifully photographs fashion models Jim, Kalam, and Oliver for his latest work, an editorial, shot for the tenth issue of Dust Magazine.

Styling: Ruben Moreira, Makeup: Ninni Nummela

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Pallas Paris
Elina Kechicheva
Photographer Elina Kechicheva and stylist Niki Pauls team up for the Pallas Paris Spring/Summer 2017 collection, simply creating a series of magical images. Featuring supermodel Suzi Leenaars.

Makeup: William Bartel, Hair: Ramona Eschbach

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