10 Magazine
Éric Nehr
Éric Nehr shoots the fashion story »Come as you are As you were As I want you to be« for 10 Magazine’s Spring/Summer issue. Featuring Hannah Elyse, Kasia Jujeczka, Kris Gottschalk, and Lotte Van Noort.

Styling: Hector Castro, Makeup: Karin Westerlund, Hair: Ramona Eschbach

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Union Magazine
Lena C. Emery
Art meets fashion in Lena C. Emery’s beautiful cover story »Sculpted Forms«, shot for the Spring/Summer issue of Union Magazine. Starring Antonia Dewbury, Alexandra Moncreiffe, and Matilda Lowther.

Styling: Hiroyuki Kubo, Makeup: Janeen Witherspoon, Hair: Christian Eberhard

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Metal Magazine
Markus Pritzi
The wonderful editorial »Story 12« was shot by Markus Pritzi for the thirty-fifth issue of Metal Magazine. Styled by Isabelle Thiry and starring Johan Kron, Jonas Boons, and Finnlay Davis.

Hair: Gregor Makris

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Arena Homme Plus
Blommers & Schumm
Fashion models Angus McGuinness and Sol Goss pose for the brand new issue of Arena Homme Plus. Captured by the talented photographer duo Blommers & Schumm.

Styling: Tom Guinness, Makeup: Mascha Meyer, Hair: Teiji Utsumi

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Jacob Sutton
Paris Opera ballet dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot gracefully moves her way through the fashion story »Étoile«. A stunning series of black-and-white images, shot by Jacob Sutton for the May issue of Numéro Paris. Styled by Samuel Francois.

Makeup: Hiromi Ueda, Hair: Neil Moodie

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Style Magazine
Nadine Ottawa
Nadine Ottawa beautifully captures Dutch stunner Femke Lakenmann in »Code of Cool« for this month’s issue of Style Magazine.

Styling: Laura Catrina, Hair & Makeup: Rachel Bredy

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Time Magazine
Peter Hapak
American supermodel Karlie Kloss gets interviewed by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg for Time Magazine’s column »The 100 Most influential People« and is beautifully portrayed by Peter Hapak.

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