Vincent Peters
The upcoming November issue of Vogue Portugal features a stunning cover story, starring supermodel Guinevere Van Seenus. Beautifully captured by Vincent Peters.

Styling: Victoria Bartlett, Makeup: Makky P, Hair: Tomihiro Kono

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The Gentlewoman
Mark Borthwick
The Gentlewoman Fall/Winter issue presents the fashion story »Either, and«, shot by Mark Borthwick in his unique style. Featuring Jane Moseley.

Styling: Jonathan Kaye

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Pop Magazine
Mel Bles
Mel Bles beautifully works with light and shadow for her latest editorial capturing an expressive series of black and white images, starring French supermodel Celine Delaugere. Now featured in Pop Magazine’s Fall/Winter issue.

Styling: Benjamin Kirchhoff, Makeup: Florrie White, Hair: Teiji Utsumi

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S Magazine
Rene & Radka
S Magazine proudly presents the magical art project »Tussie-Mussies« by photographer duo Rene & Radka. A series of images capturing the beauty of children surrounded by nature’s blossom.

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Luncheon Magazine
Jack Davison
Jack Davison shoots a marvelous cover story for the second edition of Luncheon Magazine. Featuring American stunner Maggie Maurer.

Styling: Mattias Karlsson, Makeup: Gemma Smith-Edhouse, Hair: Teiji Utsumi, Set Design: Rachel Thomas

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The Greatest Magazine
Benjamin Vnuk
Benjamin Vnuk captured Scottish actor and model Connor Newall for a breathtakingly beautiful fashion story. Now featured in The Greatest Magazine’s issue No.10.

Styling: Gaelle Bon, Hair: Yuji Okuda

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Stunning American actress Jessica Chastain is wonderfully captured by photographer duo VanMossevelde+N for this month’s cover story of the ELLE France.

Styling: Barbara Loison, Makeup: Mary Greenwell, Hair: Leigh Keates

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