Tush Magazine
Thomas Cooksey
Thomas Cooksey marvelously captures unique Russian fashion model Unia for the upcoming Fall/Winter issue of Tush Magazine.

Styling: Tereza Ortiz, Makeup: Ninni Nummela, Hair: Soichi Inagaki

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Stylist Magazine
Dima Hohlov
Captured in beautiful surroundings, Dima Hohlov creates a magical fashion story for the Stylist Magazine Fall issue. Featuring the gorgeous Lottie Hayes.

Styling: Hannah Teare, Makeup: Ariel Yeh, Hair: Mirka Hanjdova

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S Magazine
Ellen von Unwerth
Celebrated fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth teams up with Leica S Magazine to create an incredible form of narrative photo book in her distinctive visual language for their eighth issue.

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Muse Magazine
Thomas Lohr
Brunette beauty Jennae Quisenberry looks simply stunning posing for Muse Magazine’s Fall issue. A wonderful editorial shot by Thomas Lohr.

Styling: Caroline Newell, Makeup: Lucy Burt, Hair: Stephen Beaver

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Telegraphy Luxury
Benny Horne
Shot for the Telegraphy Luxury Fall issue, Benny Horne captures poetic images of his beautiful wife, supermodel Julia Stegner. Makeup by Frank B.

Styling: Maya Zepinic, Hair: Holly Mills

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Peak Performance
Jörgen Brennicke
Shot on the streets of Vancouver, Jörgen Brennicke captures this year’s Fall/Winter campaign for fashion brand Peak Performance. Starring fashion models Oliver Kumbi and Sonny, and the Canadian runner Jesse Booi.

Hair & Makeup: Alexandra Aronsson

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Crash Magazine
Benjamin Vnuk
Benjamin Vnuk has captured a series of mesmerizing images for Crash Magazine’s September issue. Starring Swedish beauty Frida Westerlund.

Styling: Andrej Skok, Makeup: Jeanette Törnqvist, Hair: Kalle Eklund

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