Interview Magazine
Billy Kidd
»Denim Ballet«… a stunning fashion story featured in Interview Magazine’s March issue. Captured by Billy Kidd.

Styling: Katie Burnett, Makeup: Georgi Sandev, Hair: Brent Lawler

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Julia Hetta
Jamilla Hoogenboom, Julita Formellaand, and Marine Deleeuw pose gracefully in Julia Hetta’s beautifully created fashion story titled »Purezza«. Shot for Vogue Italia’s March issue.

Styling: Hannes Hetta, Makeup: Christine Corbel, Hair: Yannick D’Is

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At Large Magazine
Bryan Huynh
Bryan Huynh magically captures Jake Lahrman and River Viiperi for an underwater fairytale. Shot for the Spring/Summer issue of At Large Magazine and styled by Paul Sinclaire.

Hair & Makeup: Liset Garza

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10 Men Magazine
Simon Rasmussen
Simon Rasmussen styles the amazing fashion story »Children of the King« starring Riley Cole. Shot by photographer Stef Mitchell and now featured in 10 Men Magazine’s Spring/Summer issue.

Makeup: Zenia Jaeger, Hair: Pasquale Ferrante

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Fulvia Farolfi
Madonna is the star of Vogue Germany’s April issue. Shot by photographer duo Luigi & Iango with makeup by Fulvia Farolfi.

Styling: Arianne Phillips, Hair: Andy Lecompte

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Heroine Magazine
Fabien Kruszelnicki
Fabien Kruszelnicki shot the marvelous editorial »NASA« for the current issue of Heroine Magazine. Featuring French stunner Amandine Renard.

Styling: Steve Morriss, Makeup: Ciara O’Shea, Hair: Yumi Nakada-Dingle

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Flair Magazine
Paolo Zambaldi
Paolo Zambaldi captures the brilliantly edgy editorial »Duality« for Flair Magazine’s Spring issue. Starring performance artist Isabella Jahns.

Styling: Anna Klein, Makeup: Min Kim, Hair: Leslie Thibaud

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