Albert Watson
The wonderful Albert Watson captures »The Rave Wave«, a theatrically inspired, modern-meets-past fashion story, beautifully styled by Paul Sinclaire and Sissy Vian. Shot for the April issue of Vogue Japan, starring Julia Cumming, Marian Kübler, Nova Orchid, and Teddy Quinlivan.

Makeup: Susie Sobol, Hair: Pierpaolo Lai

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Edicola Magazine
Mattias Björklund
Mattias Björklund captures a unique edginess in his latest fashion story shot for the brand new issue of Edicola Magazine. Featuring Brazilian beauty Eduarda Reis.

Styling: Riccardo L., Makeup: Giulia Cigarini, Hair: Giovanni Iovino

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Dirk Bader
This beauty story for the April literature issue of L'Officiel Ukraine was shot by Dirk Bader and features the three beauties Lara, Alessia, and Martyna.

Hair: Sigi Kumpfmüller, Makeup: Susan Voss-Redfern, Styling: Bernard Werkmeister

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Kiki Xue
A beautiful editorial shot by Kiki Xue for this month’s issue of Vogue Italia. Featuring the Russian gorgeousness Sasha Luss.

Styling: Elisa Zaccanti, Makeup: Fir Wang, Hair: Yannick D’Is

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Max V. Koenig
Dima Hohlov
Dima Hohlov has created a marvelous campaign with a delicate sensitiveness of compositions for this year’s Spring/Summer collection by fashion label Max V. Koenig.

Styling: Sophie Wartburton, Hair: Nao Kawakami 

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Dolce Vita Magazine
Andreas Ortner
Andreas Ortner shot this beautiful 20-page story at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Prague, exclusively capturing the S/S 2017 PRADA looks. Featuring fashion model Jil. 

Styling: Maria Kothutic, Hair: Marty Tyl, Makeup: Hristina Georgievska

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Interview Alex Aikiu
Alex Aikiu
We sat down with creative multi-talent Alex Aikiu to talk about collaborating with fashion photographer Jean Paul Goude, oiling Kim Kardashian’s derriere, and more... 

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