Vogue Ukraine
Léa Nielsen
Once again, Léa Nielsen visualizes fashion in her own art form, creating a beautiful story for the Vogue Ukraine Art issue. Featuring Belgian top model Kim Peers.

Styling: Mette Krogsgaard

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Vogue Germany
Thomas Lohr
The upcoming Vogue Germany issue features this delicate and gorgeous fashion story, shot by Thomas Lohr and starring Australian supermodel Fernanda Ly.

Styling: Nicola Knels, Makeup: Katerina Brans, Hair: Pierpaolo Lai

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Vogue Italia
Dario Catellani
This month’s issue of Vogue Italia features the beautiful work of fifteen Italian photographers, including Dario Catellani’s magical fashion story starring Kat Hessen.

Styling: Vittoria Cerciello, Makeup: Niamh Quinn, Hair: Teiji Utsumi

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Zoo Magazine
Bryan Adams
The British synth-pop duo »Hurts« star in Zoo Magazine’s fifty-fifth cover story. Positioned like sculptures, photographer Bryan Adams creates an artistically expressive, yet sensitive image of the musicians Adam Anderson and Theo Hutchcraft, simply calling it »Beautiful Ones«.

Styling: Jo Levin, Hair: John Vial

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Vogue Brasil
Giampaolo Sgura
Giampaolo Sgura beautifully captures the gorgeous Anna Ewers for the Vogue Brasil August issue. Makeup by Fulvia Farolfi.

Styling: Daniel Ueda, Hair: Peter Gray

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Jack Davison
Jack Davison shot the lovely Sara Grace Wallerstedt in beautiful black-and-white images for Dazed Magazine’s current cover story »Magical Thinking«. 

Styling: Robbie Spencer

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AD Magazine
Aurélien Chauvaud
Aurélien Chauvaud captures a photographic journey of Sicily’s architecture within its mesmerizing land and culture for the summer issue of AD Magazine.

Creative Director: Thibaut Mathieu

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