Marcus Ohlsson
HoYeon Jung and Samantha Rollinson star in Marcus Ohlsson’s brilliant 80’s beauty story. Shot for the January issue of Vogue Japan.

Styling: Charles Varenne, Makeup: Fredrik Stambro, Hair: Martin Cullen

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Off Black Magazine
Mattias Björklund
Mattias Björklund captures the wonderful fashion story »Panic in Year Zero« for Off Black Magazine’s Winter issue. Featuring the amazing Agnes Sokolowska.

Styling: Vanissa Antonious, Makeup: Linda Andersson, Hair: Sarah Jo Palmer

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Kinfolk Magazine
Hasse Nielsen
Hasse Nielsen shoots the fine editorial »Hot Under the Collar« for Kinfolk magazine’s twenty-second issue. Featuring the very handsome Eddie Klint.

Styling: Carolyne Rapp, Hair: Mette Thorsgaard

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Alessio Bolzoni
Alessio Bolzoni teams up with stylist Samuel Francois for »Pantomime«. An editorial captured by Alessio Bolzoni in his distinct uniqueness for Numéro magazine’s Winter issue. Featuring the sensational Guinevere Van Seenus.

Makeup: Lloyd Simmonds, Hair: Alessandro Rebecchi

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Off Black Magazine
Jens Langkjaer
Off Black Magazine’s fifth issue stars the stunning Kim Peers on its cover. Beautifully captured by Jens Langkjaer.

Styling: Sam Ranger, Makeup: Elias Høve, Hair: Karin Bigler

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Pibe Magazine
Olaf Wipperfürth
»Bunker Archeology« is a wonderful story captured by Olaf Wipperfürth for the very first issue of PIBE Magazine. Starring French beauty Celine Delaugère. 

Styling: Friederike Jung, Hair & Makeup: Thomas Lorenz

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Port Yarin
Jeff Hahn
Photographer Jeff Hahn has recently published his second book »Port Yarin«. An exquisite piece of art, gathering his powerful, yet peaceful and personal images over sixty-four pages into a collection of mythical landscapes.

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