Masses Magazine
Blommers & Schumm
Photographer duo Blommers & Schumm capture an amazing series of images for the »Série Noire« issue of MASSES Magazine.

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Near East Magazine
Spela Kasal
Spela Kasal shoots a fashion story capturing the stunning Katarzyna Jujeczka for Near East magazine’s very first issue.

Styling: Lotta Volkova

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Billy Kidd
Billy Kidd beautifully portrays Belgian supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele with her husband John Swiatek for this month’s Glamour magazine.

Styling: Jilian Davison, Makeup: Kirsti Matamoros, Hair: Bok-Hee

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VanMossevelde +N
Photographer duo Van Mossevelde +N capture the gorgeous Adrienne Juliger for the July issue of L’Express Styles.

Styling: Barbara Loison, Makeup: Helene Vasnier, Hair: Gilles De Givry

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Noon Magazine
Mel Bles
Noon magazine’s brand new issue features an incredible editorial shot by Mel Bles and starring the graces of Chu Wong and Sijia Kang.

Styling: Vanessa Reid, Makeup: Anthony Preel, Hair: Christian Eberhard

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Lena C. Emery
Chinese top model He Cong stars in Lena C. Emery’s »The Dior Gaze«. A beautiful fashion story captured for the July issue of Vogue China.

Styling: Konca Aykan

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Fulvia Farolfi
Makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi works her magic in »Doppio Sogno«, starring Lia Pavlova and Odette Pavlova. An artistic creation by Barbara Probst and shot for the July issue of Vogue Italia.

Styling: Elissa Santisi, Hair: Didler Malige

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