Exhibition Magazine
Julia Hetta
Featuring the angelic beauty Lorna Foran, Julia Hetta once more captures a series of mesmerizing images with the magical touch of the Old Masters’ influence. Shot for the Skin Issue of Exhibition Magazine Spring/Summer 2017. 

Styling: Hannes Hetta, Makeup: Christine Corbel, Hair: Tomohiro Ohashi

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Vanity Fair
Fulvia Farolfi
Makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi teams up with photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh and hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek to create a dynamic fashion story for Vanity Fair’s May issue, featuring Oscar winning actress Brie Larson.

Styling: Jessica Diehl

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Dansk Magazine
Isabelle Thiry
Isabelle Thiry styles the wonderful editorial »Manic Mundanity«, published in Dansk Magazine’s Spring/Summer issue. Starring Lina Berg and shot by Jana Gerberding.

Makeup: Rikke Dengsø Jensen, Hair: Christian Fritzenwanker

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Arena Homme Plus
Charlotte Wales
Charlotte Wales shot the Berluti Fall/Winter collection for Arena Homme Plus Magazine’s current release. Starring Natasa Vojnovic and Tim Dibble.

Styling: Tom Guinness

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Numéro Berlin
Amanda Charchain
The graces of Hirschy Grace, Ilana Kozlov, and Lara Mullen star in »7 Types of Love«, an incredibly sensual fashion story, shot by Amanda Charchain for this month’s edition of Numéro Berlin.

Styling: Erika Kurihara, Mar Peidro, Makeup: Jeffrey Baum, Sergio Corvacho, Hair: Philippe Thomlimet, Rick Gradone

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Jens Langkjaer
Jens Langkjaer magically captures the gorgeous Celine Bouly for Numéro Russia issue #41. 

Styling: Emelie Hultqvist, Makeup: Hugo Villard, Hair: Andre Cueto Saavedra

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Roxane Danset
Canadian top model Alana Zimmer graces the cover of the Spring/Summer issue of SSAW Magazine and is beautifully styled by Roxane Danset.

Photography: Bibi Cornejo-Borthwick

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