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Los Angeles, United States

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Amanda Charchian creates work with a feminine sensuality that is simultaneously epic and intimate. Amanda earned a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2010 with a focus on painting and sculpture. An exhibition of 2015’s “Pheromone Hotbox” at Stephen Kasher Gallery in NYC evolved into the artist’s first fine art photography monograph on Hat&Beard Press/Dilettante Paper. In 2018 she exhibited a new body of work at Fahey/Klein Gallery entitled "7 Types of Love" which presents meditations on the seven categories of love as described by Canadian psychologist John Allen Lee based on Greek ideas. Charchian’s most recent developing body of work, first exhibited with Huxley-Parlour gallery in 2018, combines her background in painting with contemporary nude studies in black and white taking the phenomenology of architecture as its focus. A second monograph and solo exhibition will present these works in 2023. She is represented by Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles and lives between Paris and Los Angeles. She continues to work on various personal and commissioned still and film projects for Gucci, Cartier, Vogue Italia, Bulgari, Purple Magazine and with musicians such as Billie Eilish, Travis Scott and Alicia Keys.

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