Photography Ferry Mohr


Milan, Italy

Creative Field
Fashion Fine Art


Ferry Mohr is a German photographer and art director. He currently works and lives between Bologna, Berlin and his hometown, Düsseldorf. His background in the advertising and fashion industries has led him to closely consider and valorize the entire creative process from beginning to end. His approach is to subtly intertwine the languages of art and fashion, staging compositions using analogue photography and almost exclusively natural lighting. Or rather he likes to build a studio light set-up that is soft and ethereal.

In fact, he has always been inspired by his immediate surroundings, whether it be the majestic glow of the Rhine river, in front of his studio in Düsseldorf; or the misty fog of the Pianura Padana and rolling Bolognese hills that seem to traverse his abstract landscapes. At times this is conveyed in Mohr’s use of motion blur to cast his subjects or models into a haze, or liminal space, somewhere between abstraction and figuration. His work explores the boundaries between the real and the imagined, presence and the poetics of time and place in atmospherically rich yet minimal tableaux.

Mohr has worked for brands such as About You, Beaufille and Galvan London as well as the publications CAP 742024, Nicotine and Sleek Magazine, to name a few.