Photography Greg Lotus


Miami, United States

Creative Field
Beauty Fashion Advertising Celebrities Women’s Fashion Men’s Fashion


Drawing inspiration from classical paintings and a wide array of sources and life experiences, Greg Lotus reinterprets in his own evocative way the use of light and shadow, playing with angles and composition to enhance the graphic quality of his images.

Nature is a recurrent motif in his photography, a clear echo of his childhood. Lotus often mixes high fashion with rural or wild surroundings and includes exotic animals in his compositions, using elements that link the rarefied atmosphere of the fashion industry to the organic beauty of the natural world.

In 2011, Greg Lotus presented "IMPRESSIONS", the first solo exhibition of his photographic works, in New York City. The 34 pieces featured in the show represent highlights from his 20-year career.

Currently, Lotus splits his time between Manhattan, Paris and Miami, travelling frequently on assignment to Europe and anywhere else his craft might take him.

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