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New York, United States

Creative Field
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Hans Neumann was born in 1981 in Lima, Peru. A difficult city where art isn’t easily pursued as a way of making a living, Hans decided to study law at the Universidad de Lima, with hopes of one day becoming a writer.

Always inspired by imagery and influenced by narrative he started learning photography and lighting for cinema in tandem to his law studies. Finally, in 2004 Hans graduated from law school and started his career as a photographer.

He moved to New York City shortly after he graduateed, where he enrolled to study fashion photography at the International Center for Photography.

Through this process, he found himself assisting Cedric Buchet, David Eustace and Max Farago and shooting for clients like Macy’s and Conde Nast.

In 2008, he met fellow Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino, for whom he worked for 2 years.
Hans now enjoys photography as a profession and shoots full time. Currently, he is the editorial coordinator of Velour magazine in NY

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