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Photography Lotte Thor


Berlin, Germany

Creative Field
Beauty Fashion People Portrait Editorial Women’s Fashion Accessories




12049 Berlin





Lotte is a Norwegian portraiture and fashion photographer based in Berlin. Born in Mönchengladbach, she was bounced around a lot - From England to Sweden to international schools back in Norway. This cultural concoction subsequently led her to study Social Anthropology, which she has a masters in from London School of Economics.

Since then she found her comfort zone behind the camera. She studied photography at Neue Schüle für Fotografie. Having formerly been a model, a stylist, and fashion editor of a magazine, she has insight into all the pieces of the puzzle that come together to form a photo shoot.

Having been a DJ prior to finding photography, she began by taking portraits of friends and musicians. Now she also enjoys the world of fashion and beauty, exploring what beauty means is all of its guises. Her photography style is largely analog based. She enjoys experimenting with the medium of photography itself, often employing long sweeping exposures.

Her aim is to combine art and fashion in a creative symbiosis.

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