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Paris, France

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Born in corsica in 1989, Pierre-Ange Carlotti lives and works in Paris. He's considered as the enfant terrible of Parisian society. With his first exhibition BORED & NAKED in 2014, he started to make a name in underground fashion. His second solo show BACHELOR (Paris - June 17) chronicles the Corsican photographer’s work as a 28-year-old single man, showing what’s behind the couple: love sometimes, but also the fear of being lonely, disputes, sex...With a daring approach to photography, he has proved, that his vision is not only defiant and provocative, but also a document of a fascinating reality that often escapes the public eye. His work is a delightful blend of French savoir-faire and the boldness of youth. He’s a regular collaborator of many of the most important young icons of the fashion industry in Paris, and as a photographer he has become the favorite documentarian of the alternative lifestyle of the city’s youth.

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