Photography Sandra Freij


London, United Kingdom

Creative Field
Editorial Advertising Film


Sandra Freij, (1975), has a wide-ranging background in photography. She holds a B.A. from the University College for the Creative Arts SIAD and also an M.A. from the School of Photography and film in Gothenburg. Ever since her teens she has been in love with the world of photography and has explored both art photography and fashion photography, editorially and commercially.

Sandra’s pictures have a cinematic quality both in terms of their lighting and their forms of expression, an approach that creates a visceral sense of excitement. She is known for her romantic and feminine pictures that are marked by subtle sensuality and often an underlying darkness. With her extensive knowledge of imagery she is highly skilled at balancing ambiguous and imaginative work with both openness and accessibility.

Her editorial clients include Dazed & Confused, Lula, Another magazine, Another Man, MIXTE, GQ Style, Exit, Velvet, Amica, Rodeo, Livraison, Bon and Swedish Elle.

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