Photography Suzanne Saroff


New York, United States

Creative Field
Beauty Fashion People Still Life Editorial Advertising Celebrities Fine Art Accessories





Suzanne Saroff is a photographer and director. Her body of work is still-life focused, with a multimedia approach. She has always been an observer - noticing the unexpected details. As a child, this meant falling behind on hikes to look at unnoticed bugs and flowers, and as an adult, she continues to notice the often unseen. She uses still-life photography as a way to explore the way she sees the world, and engage viewers on a visceral level, encouraging them to question their perceptions and connect with the beauty and complexity around them. Her work is feminine, bold, and nuanced. She loves to explore objects, textures, and colors to reveal layers of energy and meaning.

Central to her approach is experimentation and new ways to work with light and composition. In her studio, she likes to build technical sets and then break all of the creative “rules.” This process is cathartic and is where new ideas emerge. She likes to examine, take apart, or combine flowers and other objects, searching for new ways of looking at them to create and communicate feelings and emotions.

In addition to Suzanne's ever-growing body of personal work, her photographs have been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and many others. Her commercial clients include Prada, Gucci, Glossier, Bvlgari, NARS, Benjamin Moore, Tin Building, Clinique, Haus Labs, and dozens more.

Her studio is based in Brooklyn, New York.