Here you’ll find quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about PREVIIEW. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to drop us a line.

What does PREVIIEW have that other platforms don’t?

PREVIIEW’s members are selected and their number is limited. PREVIIEW personally invites members to join and each artist shows only seven photos.
We want to make the search for international creatives as easy as possible. PREVIIEW puts a premium on exclusivity, quality and fast results.

Why the name PREVIIEW?

As a top-class creative stage, PREVIIEW gives a first impression – a preview of the talent and style of its members and reference to contact information and personal web pages. The wordplay with the word preview was obvious.
The number 7 is found in the name as the Roman VII as it belongs to the concept.
And because everything at PREVIIEW is about quality, the best works can also be considered as “Very Important Images” (VII).

What does PREVIIEW offer its members?

In addition to its high-class presentation, PREVIIEW performs extensive press work in key international magazines, journals and blogs. We also approach potential clients such as art-buyers, creative directors, editors and advertising clients personally. PREVIIEW is committed to plugging its members and enables them to show themselves and their work in the best possible light.

Does PREVIIEW also accept illustrators? What about art directors and graphic designers?

At the moment our membership is limited to a select group of established photographers, stylists, hair & makeup artists, CGI and postproduction specialists as well as representatives of these professional guilds. However, we haven’t ruled out extending our membership to new circles in the future.

I work in the photographic industry. Can I become a member of PREVIIEW or introduce someone to you?

As a rule, PREVIIEW approaches artists who fit our concept in terms of profile and style personally. This enables us to maintain our high-class standards. However, if you’re sure that a certain portfolio would convince us, please contact us.

Help! I’ve forgotten my access data. What should I do?

Don’t panic: A new password can be requested at the login stage and sent to you automatically by e-mail within minutes. You can then change it of course after login.

I would like to report on PREVIIEW. Do you have more pictures and information?

Sure thing. You’ll find an appropriate press kit with logo, pictures and additional information here.

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