Rankin is sick of SELFIES


by Rankin

British photographer/director - Rankin is sick of ‘Selfies’ and to counteract them, he’s offering up a unique opportunity for ‘anyone’ to collaborate with him on creating a self-portrait.
In the not too distant past portraiture had the potential to give insight. Artists would explore ideas of self, through the creation of imagery that exposed intimacies or ideas of themselves. Some even using the self- portrait as a personal and introspective artistic expression. But as selfie culture has pervaded our screens and lives, it has also suffocated a unique form of artistic expression, the self- portrait. That is, until now..

Rankin is opening up his lens and giving creatives out there the chance to create portraits with him. He’s calling all creative thinkers to send in self-portrait ideas. The best will be selected to bring them to life.
He wants the industry to take back control with concepts that are fresh, original and show a part of yourself that you don’t ever show on social media. If you’ve got an idea, write it up or even draw it and email it for the attention of Jordan to selfiecontrol@rankin. co.uk or dm @rankinarchive with #selfiecontrol

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