Suited Magazine #6


by Andrew Boyle

‘’Suited Magazine is a gorgeous black and white biannual fashion and art publication that showcases independent thinkers passionate about creating work that is inspired, influential, and timeless. Editor Ashley Owens has a knack for picking out fascinating story subjects, and she paired me with Jim St. Germain for the new print edition. Born into abject poverty in Haiti, Jim moved to Brooklyn’s Crown Heights into an overcrowded apartment. He quickly adapted to a street life of stealing, dealing drugs, and growing indifferent to violence. Arrested for dealing crack as a teen, he was placed into Boys Town, a minimum security detention center, instead of prison, and changing his life forever. Jim went on to create PLOT (Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow), becoming a prominent speaker on at risk youth, an author and a mission to empower young people. He was appointed by President Obama to the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council. Jim is a fascinating individual, eloquent and positive, making for an incredible day hanging out and shooting portraits.’’
Andrew Boyle