GREY Magazine
Billy Kidd
Nadine Leopold poses beautifully in colorful layers for Grey Magazine’s latest cover story »The New Something«. Shot by Billy Kidd.

Styling: Valentina Ilardi Martin

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Rising Star Ilva Heitmann
Elisabeth Toll
Stunning images captured by Elisabeth Toll c/o LundLund. Featuring the amazing Ilva Heitmann surrounded by spectacular Icelandic landscapes.

Styling: Birgit Schlotterbeck, Hair & Makeup: Thorsten Weiss

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Vogue Turkey
Cuneyt Akeroglu
Russian stunner Natasha Poly is the center of attention in Cuneyt Akeroglu’s c/o Trouble Management latest editorial shot for Vogue Turkey. Featuring Alex Dunstan, Duncan Pyke, Marc Sebastian Faiella and Niall Underwood.

Styling: Konca Aykan, Makeup: Lisa Eldridge, Hair: Angelo Seminara

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Harper’s Bazaar
John-Paul Pietrus
John-Paul Pietrus has created an exceptionally artistic series of images for this month’s Harper’s Bazaar China. Starring Kiki Kang, Qiwen Feng, Tong Zhang, Yu Zhang and Yuan Bochao.

Styling: Lucia Liu, Makeup: Qiqi, Hair: Chen Feng

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Marie Claire
Nagi Sakai
Nagi Sakai brings on the style of the 80’s pop fashion photography era for his latest editorial featured in Marie Claire Italy. Starring the gorgeous Taylor Marie Hill.

Styling: Laura Seganti, Makeup: Eric Polito, Hair: Bryce Scarlett

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The Financial Times
Dima Hohlov
Dima Hohlov creates in »Turning over a new Leaf« a beautiful fall editorial for The Financial Times. Featuring Ukrainian brunette Iana Godnia.

Styling: Kimi O’Neill, Makeup: Ariel Yeh, Hair: Nao Kawakami

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TUSH Magazine
Markus Pritzi
A soft-focus 70’s look captured by Markus Pritzi c/o Shotview for the 35th edition of TUSH Magazine. Starring Janice Alida.

Styling: Katrin Gerhardy, Hair & Makeup: Stelli

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