PREVIIEW is a stage for established artists in the international photo industry. Quality and user confidence are given absolute priority.


  • PREVIIEW is a first class showcase for top creatives in the photo production and editing industry.

  • The lean concept of PREVIIEW facilitates the work of art-buyers, creative directors and editors.  

  • PREVIIEW is an exciting showcase for anyone interested in photography.

PREVIIEW is a new and unique presentation space for international top creatives in photo production.

Handpicked photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists introduce themselves to potential new clients by presenting their seven (VII) best works. This reduction to seven images per creative results in an especially clear and efficient form of presentation.

As PREVIIEW has the highest standards in terms of quality and exclusivity, we offer membership by invitation only. We do, however, remain open for recommendations and proposals.

In order to meet the aesthetic demands, PREVIIEW has dispensed with distracting advertising banners and Adsense offers leaving everyone to concentrate on the essential: the work of the artists.

The seven phenomenon

The number seven is part of the PREVIIEW concept because each artist shows only seven pieces. More than 300 years ago, John Locke discovered that the short-term memory of an adult can assimilate only seven pieces of information at the same time. More than seven and attention decreases abruptly. PREVIIEW therefore uses the so-called seven phenomenon to form an especially effective kind of presentation.

(Source: Wikipedia.org)


Behind PREVIIEW is an internet team that has been working professionally with different groups in international photo production for some time. Over the years trends and parallels have stood out which have been brought together on this online platform.

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